Faded Glamour full video

Someone has kindly uploaded the full video to Faded Glamour to Youtube (rather than the truncated Chart Show version which is also there).


Thanks to briggsl for this – we don’t have a copy of the original so it’s nice to see it again.


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New Songs Out Now

You should now definitely be able to download Silver Rays and Tiny Lucifer from iTunes.

There is a temporary glitch with the search, so it doesn’t show on our artist page, and I can’t link to the songs directly.

However if you search for “Animals that Swim” or “Silver Rays”, you should be able to find the songs, and use the Buy button to download them.

I will try to sort out the search issues. Meanwhile if anyone has problems downloading please do let us know via the comments box (comments won’t show immediately as they need approval but I will see them).

Edit: Slightly corrected post as I wasn’t 100% sure it was working earlier but people have confirmed it works for them.


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There’s an interview with us on the Finest Kiss blog here:


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Release date…

I’ve been assured that the new songs will finally show up on iTunes today.

I’m a bit reluctant to believe this as they promised something similar last week, so I’ll report back once I actually see them show up.


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Popular culture no longer applies to me

Hank sang a duet with Eddie Argos of Art Brut a while ago – Eddie has posted it up here:


But the reason for this post is that for various reasons it took me a while to get round to exploring the rest of Art Brut’s back catalogue and now I’ve done so I think they are fucking brilliant. Evidently, plenty of people already know this, but on the other hand, why aren’t they on Top of the Pops every week??? They probably are in that wonderful imaginary universe where Top of the Pops still exists, of course.

Anyhow if you don’t know their stuff, Formed a Band is a great place to start.



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Another single cover

This one is from Joe.

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Album tracklist

Being honest, it will be ages before we get round to recording enough songs for an album, but I thought I’d put up an extremely provisional tracklist now. We haven’t actually sat down and discussed this properly so it all might change when it comes to going into the studio again.

Current provisional title (eg just thought of it and will probably go off it next week): Lost Decade, it will be our “fourth” album (a mere 18 years after the first…) The general plan would be to do a batch of two or more songs every now and then till we have it complete:

A Dark Train

Tiny Lucifer

The Beautiful and the Brave

Identical Twins are Monozygotic

Harvest Festival

My Invisible Friend (or Loud Shirt)

Silver Rays

Big Cow (Falling Backwards)*

Hell is The Only Radio Station

The Right Time (Oh La La Sha Na Na)*

*Yes, I know brackets in song titles are an abomination, we can work on that later.


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