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Me and Harry Dean on Youtube

With a lovely picture of a swimming pig.


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No New Songs

We had a practice recently and all enjoyed it. However, we’re all finding it tough to find the time to commit to getting properly ready to record new songs, so for the time being, we’re putting that aspiration on hold.

We still might get round to it eventually, but it seems a shame to do it in too half-arsed a way, so probably not for a while at least.

Sorry about that…


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Silver Rays and Tiny Lucifer on Youtube

Just to say I’ve put these two songs up on to Youtube.

Silver Rays

Tiny Lucifer

For now they are just accompanied by the single cover, might try and put something more interesting up to accompany it later on.


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Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky

Might be another little flurry of activity coming up in the spring. We’ve all been a bit busy since the last visit to the studio, but I think we are drifting towards another go.

I’ve got a nice new song with words from Hank, which would be my vote for one of the songs. It’s about the rivalry between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer. And drinking stolen booze. And, um, various Hanna-Barbera and Looney Tunes cartoon characters. It’s even got a hedge in it.

Honestly, it will all make sense when you hear it…

Current ETD April 2012. I think we’re going on the theory that recording a couple of songs a year is a pretty strenuous workload, so we should have the album finished in about 2018.



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Hedge Britannia

Alistair at the Unpopular blog was asking if Hugh Barker, the author of the forthcoming history of British hedges Hedge Britannia  is the same individual as the Hugh Barker from Animals that Swim.

Just to confirm it is the same person – there’s more info at the Hedge Britannia blog.

Not the most obvious career progression, I grant you, but stranger things have happened…



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Pink Carnations video on Youtube

The original Pink Carnations video is on Youtube now

Our old friend Gavindirected it and has uploaded it here:

Don’t we look young…

I am also rather fond of this one which someone put up when there was nothing else there:

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New Songs

Just a reminder that the two new songs Silver Rays and Tiny Lucifer are available from iTunes and also from Amazon if you don’t have iTunes. I’d put a link here, but iTunes is weird and I can’t work out how to, so best to just go and search by some combination of title and bandname and you should be able to stumble into them eventually.

Thanks to everyone who bought them so far.

We are talking about doing another couple of songs in a month or two, though it depends on when and whether we can find enough time to all be in the same place.

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