Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky

Might be another little flurry of activity coming up in the spring. We’ve all been a bit busy since the last visit to the studio, but I think we are drifting towards another go.

I’ve got a nice new song with words from Hank, which would be my vote for one of the songs. It’s about the rivalry between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer. And drinking stolen booze. And, um, various Hanna-Barbera and Looney Tunes cartoon characters. It’s even got a hedge in it.

Honestly, it will all make sense when you hear it…

Current ETD April 2012. I think we’re going on the theory that recording a couple of songs a year is a pretty strenuous workload, so we should have the album finished in about 2018.




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3 responses to “Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky

  1. Excellent news and another release I’ll be looking forward to this year!

  2. Justin

    Great news about some new material. Does April still look likely for the release?

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