New Songs Out Now

You should now definitely be able to download Silver Rays and Tiny Lucifer from iTunes.

There is a temporary glitch with the search, so it doesn’t show on our artist page, and I can’t link to the songs directly.

However if you search for “Animals that Swim” or “Silver Rays”, you should be able to find the songs, and use the Buy button to download them.

I will try to sort out the search issues. Meanwhile if anyone has problems downloading please do let us know via the comments box (comments won’t show immediately as they need approval but I will see them).

Edit: Slightly corrected post as I wasn’t 100% sure it was working earlier but people have confirmed it works for them.



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5 responses to “New Songs Out Now

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  2. Yay! Will these tracks be available elsewhere? I don’t use iTunes. Thanks!

  3. They are virtual releases only – they will also be on Spotify eventually.

    I’ll contact you directly.

  4. jens

    sorry, could not find the new songs on itunes
    after search “animals that swim” I get 21 songs (i was the king LP + green house ep + faded glamour ep)
    greetings from germany !

    • Hi Jens,

      Try searching for “Silver Rays” instead. Then click on the buy button (not the sleeve image). For some reason that seems to work.

      The search thing will hopefully be sorted soon, as obviously we want an “animals that swim” search to bring up the new stuff – I’m talking to the intermediary, so that may be sorted out soon.

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