Album tracklist

Being honest, it will be ages before we get round to recording enough songs for an album, but I thought I’d put up an extremely provisional tracklist now. We haven’t actually sat down and discussed this properly so it all might change when it comes to going into the studio again.

Current provisional title (eg just thought of it and will probably go off it next week): Lost Decade, it will be our “fourth” album (a mere 18 years after the first…) The general plan would be to do a batch of two or more songs every now and then till we have it complete:

A Dark Train

Tiny Lucifer

The Beautiful and the Brave

Identical Twins are Monozygotic

Harvest Festival

My Invisible Friend (or Loud Shirt)

Silver Rays

Big Cow (Falling Backwards)*

Hell is The Only Radio Station

The Right Time (Oh La La Sha Na Na)*

*Yes, I know brackets in song titles are an abomination, we can work on that later.



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2 responses to “Album tracklist

  1. Great news and the perfect excuse to do a follow up post on the ‘Spill (with a link on the Guardian RR page) when the single finally makes it onto i-tunes! I can think of a few people we all know who’ll be very glad to hear this.

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