Oops. Release date delayed…

Sorry, the songs aren’t available just yet on iTunes.

It’s a boring story, but in order to get them out today, I would have had to tick the “iTunes Direct” box on the upload. Since I didn’t do that, the songs will take 3-5 weeks from upload. They were uploaded on 15th March so this means sometime in the 2nd or 3rd week of April. And I can’t go back and fix this for reasons that are too tedious to even explain.

Apologies for raising false hopes, they really will be out in April. And next time I’ll know how it works so will get the release date right…




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2 responses to “Oops. Release date delayed…

  1. Justin

    Great to hear the new material.
    Have you thought about uploading some of the harder to get b-sides to i-tunes that didn’t make it on to the Greatest Hits second CD?
    Tracks such as ‘Impossible’ & ‘Me And Captain America’. I’m trying to complete the collection, but those two as well as ‘Holloway Aviator’ and ‘Del Fresco’ still escape me.
    I’m sure there would be a market for them.

    • Hi Justin,

      Thanks – we have thought about uploading a few old tracks as “b-sides” to later releases – in some cases I’m not sure if we technically have the right to and we haven’t got round to looking into the old contracts. There’s a few like Weary Mind and Harry Dean where the recordings definitely belong to us, so might put those up for those who don’t have the Best of bonus disc first, and think about others for later on.

      It has to be said though that any songs that didn’t make that bonus disc probably aren’t that good anyway. Some of the b-sides were pretty ropey.

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