ATS on Youtube

A couple of people seem to have loaded the entire first two albums on to Youtube, which is fine by me as I’m sure some of those songs are hard to come by any other way. The Faded Glamour video is also up, which is nice as I like that one, plus a few odds and sods including a rather amusing photo-story video for Pink Carnations. Del also posted an old Scandinavian interview with us up which includes mercifully short clips of the Madame Yevonde video.




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2 responses to “ATS on Youtube

  1. Workshy uploader here–I’m glad you guys are fine with it. Discovered the band quite recently, actually, and just wanted to get some of your music out there. It’s some of the best stuff I’ve heard in a while.

  2. Thanks for doing that, I was pleased to see them up there.


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